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The winners are here! The ‘Education for Sustainable Development(ESD)’ OMEP World Project was established by OMEP to support ESD. Among the applications we received, the below 5 projects clearly demonstrate outstanding qualities and potentials we look for in our recepients of the Award.

Name Country Project
Diane Boyd UK Embedding ESD within the Context of Policy and
Practice within the in Early Childhood Education
in England-developing an Early Childhood ESD
pedagogical framework
New New Aung Myanmar Upgrading Capacity of preschool children,
Early Childhood Teachers and Educators in Myanmar
on Education for Sustainable Development by
understanding of The OMEP ERS-SDEC
Ewa Lewandowska Poland How to begin Change-Campaign for ESD in early
education in Poland- the beginning
Erica Figueroa Ana Caneva Argentina Municipal schools of the local government of the City of Santa Fe:
a policy for sustainable development focused on early childhood
Older Bustos Vera Argentina I am responsible of the transformation of healthy educational spaces for the community:
“Las Abegitas de Santa Babara ”
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