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Interviewing children about the OMEP 2010 Congress logo

OMEP has appointed Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as the major project for the next coming years. The OMEP World Assembly in Lagos in August 2009 started this project as one way for OMEP members and countries to work with children on ESD, and at the same time giving it a worldwide spreading.

The OMEP World Project on ESD Part 1 was a great success. OMEP members all over the world have interviewed children about their thoughts and opinions linked to the OMEP Congress Logo.

28 national reports have been delivered from different parts of the world and 9,142 children, aged of two to eight years, have participated in the interviews. The interviews were carried out by 641 interviewers in 385 preschools, schools and other settings for small children in 241 cities and regions around the world; a fantastic contribution.

Thanks to the national reports, we now have more global knowledge about ESD from a child perspective.

The OMEP World Assembly 2010 in Göteborg, Sweden, decided to continue the ESD project.

We invite OMEP members all over the world to organise informal interviews with children 1-8 years. The idea behind the project is to introduce and invite children and professionals to discuss Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

The aim of the project is to collect information about young children’s thoughts, comments and understanding of the OMEP 2010 Congress logo and to enhance the awareness of ESD among OMEP members. For some ESD could be a tricky concept, not yet recognised or well known.

OMEP National Committees who wants to participate appoint project leader(s) and discusses the national framework for the project: Who? Where? and How?

Winners of the 2009-2010 travel awards:

•      “Water purification at Elimu daycare kindergarten” – Rosslynne Waiyigo Kiragu (Kenya)
•      “Urban Jungle” – Shankar Musafir (India)
•      “Early Years ESD – A case study of children’s centre” – Kimberley Smith (England)
•      “Working together – Acting together World Environment Day” – Theodora Avgeri (Greece)
•      “The Polar Bear Project” – Agapi Liapaki (Greece)

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