ESD in Practice

ESD in Practice

The aims of Part 2 – ESD in practice are to implement Education for Sustainable Development together with the children in early child-hood education practices and to collect information and further understanding of young children’s ideas and actions within ESD.

Part 2 – ESD in practice is inspired by the 7 Rs, as shown in the new logo. The participants are asked to work with the children around the 7 Rs, one, two or many. The Rs were originally identified by the Brundtland Commission Our Common Future (1987), and have now been further developed by the OMEP World Assembly. Together, they include all three ESD pillars; Respect, Reflect and Rethink relate directly to social and cultural dimensions, Reuse and Reduce highlight environmental aspects and Recycle and Redistribute clearly draw on the economic perspective.

Children, teachers, parents or other adults choose together how to organise ESD in practice projects; what can be done in everyday life and what to focus on. Those, who took part in the OMEP Child interview project, already have knowledge about the most important issues for young children for a sustainable lifestyle. Part 2 ESD in practice can thus be a continuation, leaning on the answers from the child interviews. For all, a starting out question could be:

What do you think is NOT sustainable here in our centre/preschool/school? How can we change this together?

The winners of the 2011-12 travel awards were:

•      “Educacão na infância para a Sustentabilidade” – Micheli Alves Machado (Brazil)
•      “Primera Infancia en el Siglo XXI: Derechos de los Niños a vivir, jugar, explorar y conocer el mundo” – Adriana Stoller (Argentina)
•      “Los jugetes que han nacido en el patio de la sostenibilidad” – Alice Medina (Brazil)


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