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Please feel free to email secretariat@worldomep.org and let us know how you celebrated the Global Handwashing Day 2014. Thank you very much!


Regional Vice President for Africa Mrs. Abimbola Are, together with OMEP-Nigeria Oyo State Chapter, celebrated Global Handwashing Day on October 15. The event was joined by a guest speaker, who was a government senior health worker (health education and early childhood) and the mass media (both TV and print). Children of public schools celebrated the special day with children of OMEP school members. It was a huge success and the news was in all Ibadan, the second largest city in Africa.


Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Global Handwashing Day was celebrated in the following schools:
*Escuela Adventista Manta. 45 students
*Escuela La Pradera. 70 students
*Escuela Ramon Virgilio Azua. 80 students
*Escuela Pedro Fermin Cevallos. 80 students
*Centro de Educacion Infantil Richard Macay. 165 students

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