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OMEP World President Dr. Maggie Koong and representatives of OMEP-France celebrated the World Teachers’ Day at UNESCO headquarter in Paris on October 5, 2015.

Maggie was also invited as a featured panelist at the roundtable “Teaching young children for a sustainable future: Innovation, lessons and way forward” and shared her insights on “Play-based learning in rural China”.

Together, Maggie and OMEP’s Representative to UNESCO Lisbeth Gouin submitted OMEP’s Request to launch a Decade for Early Childhood Care and Education to Dr. Qian Tang, Assistant Director-General for Education, UNESCO.

Below you will also find information of OMEP’s celebrations of World Teachers’ Day in different countries.

Please feel free to email secretariat@worldomep.org and let us know how you celebrated World Teachers’ Day 2015. Thank you very much!

From Regional Vice President for Africa Mrs. Abimbola Are:


The 2015 Teachers’ Day has come and gone but it was well celebrated in my State with Seminars and Workshops at different venues during which I was either a participant or Special Guest. Both were highly inspiring.

(1) The first one was organised by OMEP Nigeria Oyo State Chapter with the Train the Trainers Seminar for School owners, administrators and senior teachers who will in return train their teachers and caregivers.

By: Prof. Esther Oduolowu (University of Ibadan)

Participants were later treated to lunch at the end of the Seminar.

(2) 2015 World Teachers’ Day Seminar/Workshop on Education for Sustainable Development anchored by RCCG Jesus Chapel & Noridge Education Network organised mainly for teachers from both public and private schools.

Theme: Seminar/Workshop on Education for Sustainable Development.

Participants were highly inspired.

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