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Wash from the Start 리소스뱅크 주황

WASH in schools

Diarrhoea is the largest preventable killer of children-under-five and it is the direct cause of death in more young children than AIDS, malaria and measles combined (UNICEF, WHO 2009). The highest rates of infection occur in the first two years of life with children in the majority world often suffering from 5-12 episodes per year. Diarrhoea is often deadly but attacks at any age of early childhood also have a long term impact on the child’s learning achievement and health condition later (Niehaus, 2002). Research has suggested that the safe disposal of faeces could reduce diarrhoea by 32 percent, the provision of safe drinking safe water by 39 percent, and the washing of hands with soap at critical times could reduce diarrhoea by 44 percent.