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OMEP's advocacy Efforts

OMEP's Work at the United Nations in 2017

The Bureau of the Commission for Social Development allocates time for NGOs to speak depending on the schedule of Member States speaking during General Discussions.

The number of NGOs permitted to speak is at the discretion of the Bureau. In previous years 15-20 NGOs were able to speak.

This year we received many requests from ECOSOC accredited NGOs, of which 34 NGOs have been approved to speak (as per list below), subject to the provision of a final 3-minute statement in a Word document (max. 500 words) to the Secretariat by COB 12 January 2018. Kindly email your statements to martin25@un.org and allimadi@un.org with a copy to ngo@un.org.

There will be simultaneous translation services during the Commission, therefore statements can be read in any of the 6 official UN languages.

OMEP is one of only 35 NGOs whose request make an oral statement has been accepted! The written statement is attached.

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