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The third webinar was held on October 15.

The theme of lecture was based on ESD, ‘OMEP World Project for Sustainability – Transforming education with the help of the OMEP ESD Rating scale.
The guest speaker was Ingrid Engdahl
, Associate Professor in Child and Youth Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden and Vice President of OMEP for Europe.

A brief introduction of the lecture is as follows:
The OMEP ESD Rating scale, as a new phase and using the second edition of the rating scale from July 2019.The scale is today most often used as a 'beginning tool' to support teachers in identifying successes and concerns in early education and care, also giving guide for internal evaluation. We consider the scale a help in building a common culture of sustainability for children and adults, as the scale enables educators and management to identify areas in need action towards sustainability. It may also serve as a record of development and progress.
The OMEP ESD rating scale is well suited as a self-review or internal evaluation tool. The tool kit (the rating scale and its rubrics) includes observations, ratings, reflections, discussions and action plans. The OMEP ESD rating scale relates to both content and curriculum, as well as to the educational approach, the pedagogy. Each preschool / centre / setting will find their own way of approaching the use of these tools.

For those of you who have not had chance to participate on the webinar and still interested in the lecture, we have uploaded the webinar video on OMEP Youtube channel.

And please check the relevant handouts attached. 



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Webinar Engdahl on OMEP ESD Rating Scale Click