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Universal Children's day


20 November - UNIVERSAL CHILDREN'S DAY – is a holiday with rich history, which is known all over the world. It is established by General UN Assembly and widely celebrated since 1954.

Russian pre-school education committee OMEP traditionally pays a huge attention to one of the main children's holidays! For instance, in 2016, the teachers of Russian OMEP committee organized pedagogical and creative project "WE ALL TOGETHER WANT…(AUTHORS' VERSION)".

The main purpose of the project "WE ALL TOGETHER WANT…(AUTHORS' VERSION)" – to give kids a chance to tell about their dreams!

According to the opinion of our committee, it is very important to be able to hear wishes of pre-school children in the upbringing and education process. One of the most important values for child is friendship, that is why OMEP committee teachers offered the children to create the image of their friend from any point of the Earth.

We have had a very beautiful "Global circle dance of friendship", which clearly shows those wishes and values which unite kids all over the world!

In 2016 the project collected 7 unusual posters from kindergartens of the city of Moscow. In 2017 Russian OMEP committee decided to repeat unusual project, inviting not only kindergartens of Moscow, but also all Russia to participate. This year more than 20 posters from different parts of the country took part in the project!

Russian committee of World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP) and the President of national OMEP committee personally – L. L. Schevchenko wish to express their gratitude to all those who took part in unique creative project "WE ALL TOGETHER WANT…."!