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The aims and objectives of OMEP are to defend and promote the rights of the child with special emphasis on the right to education and care worldwide. To this end, OMEP shall help any undertaking which could promote access to quality early childhood education and care.

The means of action of OMEP are as follows:

  • (1) Collecting and disseminating information and facilitating the understanding of the needs of early childhood worldwide
  • (2) Promoting study and research related to early childhood education and care
  • (3) Encouraging family education in connection with early childhood education and care
  • (4) Encouraging the training of personnel for early childhood education and care
  • (5) Organising international and regional conferences
  • (6) Facilitating direct links and personal contacts between all members by various media
  • (7) Establishing working relationship with other appropriate world organisations
  • (8) Encouraging the establishment of National Committees