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OMEP has a consultative Status with UNICEF, an organization that has worked since 1940 on the protection, education, survival, prosperity and rights of children; through political advocacy, research, supplies, logistics, and attending emergency situations. Their goal is to achieve a secure and inclusive world for all children, which is also an OMEP’s mission and purpose.

UNICEF has shown special concern on certain issues and global problems, and most of all, the consequences that the next generations may suffer for these. However the organization has the idea that there is always a hope to hold, and they continuously try to share it in the world.

In March 2020, Henrietta H. Fore, UNICEF Executive Director, share a letter in which those issues are stated, these are the main points:

  1. 1. You need clean water, clean air and a safe climate
  2. 2. One in four of you are likely to live, and learn, in conflict and disaster zones
  3. 3. We must make it OK to talk about mental health
  4. 4. Over 30 million of you have migrated from your place of birth
  5. 5. Thousands of you will officially never exist, unless we act
  6. 6. You need twenty-first century skills for a twenty-first century economy
  7. 7. Your digital footprint must be protected
  8. 8. You might be the least trusting generation of citizens ever
- Link of the full letter: https://www.unicef.org/child-rights-convention/open-letter-to-worlds-children