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With the increasing evidence showing that early childhood education (ECE) can have an important life-long positive impact on a child’s health, learning ability, and future job prospects, the ILO (International Labour Office) has been one of many other international organizations that have paid attention to ECE. In particular, noting that ECE workers often worked under poorer conditions than educators in other levels of schooling, the ILO held a Global Dialogue Forum on Conditions of Personnel in Early Childhood Education in February 2012 in Geneva, at which Governments of ILO member States and Employer and Worker representatives recognized the importance of ECE, as well as the crucial role played by ECE personnel in ensuring universal access to quality early childhood education. The Forum called for improvement of the status and working conditions of ECE personnel, and requested the ILO Director-General to convene a meeting of experts to draw up guidelines on the promotion of decent work for ECE personnel. The Guidelines below are the first international text dealing specifically with the status of ECE personnel.

Meeting of Experts on Policy Guidelines on the Promotion of Decent Work for Early Childhood Education Personnel 2013 Download