ABOUT OMEP / OMEP is an international, non-governmental and non-profit organization concerned with all aspects of early childhood education and care and have consultative status with UN and UNICEF


  • OMEP 2020

    72nd World OMEP Assembly and Conference World Assembly: 13-17 July, 2020, Athens, Greece
    International Conference: 15-17 July, 2020, Athens, Greece
    Conference Theme: Early Childhood Education in the 21st Century:new perspectives and dilemmas
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     Photo by Ashkan Forouzani - Unsplash<o:p></o:p>​   Since its creation 72 years ago, OMEP has been working for the effective realization of human rights in early childhood, understood as the life period that extends from birth to 8. Youn[…] READ MORE

      Dear colleagues, After a long and careful evaluation of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic,  and in consideration of our commitment with the health and safety of our members and colleagues, the OMEP Executive Committee (EXCO) has decided to postpone th[…] READ MORE

    The World Organization for Early Childhood Education, known worldwide as OMEP, an international non-governmental organization, was founded in Prague-Czechoslovakia, with the purpose of bringing together people who, in any country, were interested in children and their q[…] READ MORE
  • Communication VP Latin America

      Suspended the XI Latin American Assembly and Conference of OMEP, that was going to be held in Bogotá- Colombia on April 20th to 24th, 2020. Desirée López De Maturana, OMEP Regional Vice President for Latin America, informs us of this decision that was […] READ MORE

    MARCH 22nd, WORLD WATER DAY  World Water Day is celebrated every March 22nd as a reminder of the relevance of this liquid.   Photo by CH Claudio Schwarz  @purzlbaum on Unsplash In these moments “Hand washing” is essential to contai[…] READ MORE

     From OMEP, we stand in solidarity with the difficult situation and we are particularly concerned about early childhood and the guarantee of their rights.Facing the measures that many countries are taking such as closing educational institutions and mandatory quara[…] READ MORE
  • CORONAVIRUS - WASH FROM THE START - WPCOM (World Presidency Communication)_04

       CORONAVIRUS - WASH FROM THE STARTHow can OMEP act to protect and promote the right to health of early childhood against Coronavirus? Today the world faces a big challenge: fight against the spread of the virus. ECCE Institutions and educators have[…] READ MORE
  • Greece/EU: Urgently Relocate Unaccompanied Children

          Greece/EU: Urgently Relocate Lone Children Refugee Camps Have Reached Breaking Point   (Athens, March 4, 2020)   European Union (EU) Member States should urgently relocate unaccompanied children from the Greek […] READ MORE
  • International Day of Women and Girls in Science

           February 11th is International Day for Women and Girls in Science (approved by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015) "This Day is a reminder that women and girls play a key role in science and technology communities […] READ MORE