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  • Mar 31st 2020

    The World Organization for Early Childhood Education, known worldwide as OMEP, an international non-governmental organization, was founded in Prague-Czechoslovakia, with the purpose of bringing together people who, in any country, were interested in children and their quality of life , especially in creating the best structural conditions for them to have access to education.In Brazil, in 1952, Brazilian educators founded the World Organization for Preschool Education - OMEP / BR and, since then[…]
  • Mar 27th 2020

    MARCH 22nd, WORLD WATER DAY  World Water Day is celebrated every March 22nd as a reminder of the relevance of this liquid.   Photo by CH Claudio Schwarz  @purzlbaum on Unsplash In these moments “Hand washing” is essential to contain the spread of COVID-19 and many other infectious diseases. Unfortunately, 2.2 billion people live without access to safe water.  1 in 3 people live without drinking water.  We have to raise awarenes[…]
  • Mar 27th 2020

     From OMEP, we stand in solidarity with the difficult situation and we are particularly concerned about early childhood and the guarantee of their rights.Facing the measures that many countries are taking such as closing educational institutions and mandatory quarantines, as strategies to prevent the rapid spread of the virus and reduce its impact, we are building a list with recommendations of websites and platforms with activities to carry out at home with children.To continue reading:&nb[…]
  • Mar 6th 2020

    Greece/EU: Urgently Relocate Unaccompanied Children
          Greece/EU: Urgently Relocate Lone Children Refugee Camps Have Reached Breaking Point   (Athens, March 4, 2020)   European Union (EU) Member States should urgently relocate unaccompanied children from the Greek islands to safety in their territory, while ensuring that the children’s best interests are taken into account, 65 human rights, humanitarian and civil society organizations said in a statement today. The groups warned of wid[…]
  • Feb 19th 2020

    International Day of Women and Girls in Science
           February 11th is International Day for Women and Girls in Science (approved by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015) "This Day is a reminder that women and girls play a key role in science and technology communities and that their participation need to be strengthened." OMEP France President and representative to UNESCO, Daniéle Perruchon, participated in the UNESCO-led and UN-Women celebration in Paris.  ​  &nbs[…]
  • Oct 28th 2019

    72nd World OMEP Assembly and Conference
      Your browser does not support the video tag.     72nd World OMEP Assembly and Conference - Early Childhood Education in the 21st century: new perspectives and dilemmas- World Assembly: 13-14 July, 2020, Athens, Greece- Conference: 15-17 July, 2020, Athens, Greece   For more detailed information, please see the below file and visit website of 71nd OMEP  - Website: http://www.omep2020.org/​​​  &nb[…]
  • Jun 24th 2019

    Recommendations from the third Lost in Migration Conference “Global strategies and political commitments for all children in migration
      The attached recommendations are in concert with  OMEP’s existing positions on children in migration contexts,  so OMEP have submitted OMEP’s endorsement.  The effort is supported by the Initiative for Children in Migration. ​   Download PDF
  • May 13th 2019

    2019 OMEP WEBIANR: Policy forumⅠ
      OMEP have started our first webinar on April 15, 2019.The first theme of lecture was based on OMEP's Policy form, ‘Call to action: Investing in early childhood development for migrant and refugee children’. The guest speaker was Maria Pia Belloni Mignatti, OMEP representative of UN New York station. A brief introduction of the lecture is as follows: Forced migration is an increasing global challenge: children and families are obliged to leave their homes for many r[…]
  • Apr 5th 2019

    Contributions of Early Childhood Development Programming to Sustainable Peace and Development
    OMEP is listed as a contributor.  Introduction The purpose of this paper is to merge insights from both micro- and macro-level perspectives to demonstrate how comprehensive Early Childhood Development (ECD) services can be leveraged to contribute to mitigating risks of violent conflict and promoting sustainable peace and development. This paper contains the research and theoretical models drawn upon to prepare the ECPC issues brief “Contributions of early childhood development s[…]
  • Mar 12th 2019

    Upcoming OMEP Side Event
          Download PDF

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